Top 10 Internet of Things Technologies for 2017 and beyond

As an expert with IOT, I am quite honored to write the post, after looking at this detailed technological from the last couple of years. Yes, I don’t boast about the fact, that I have followed this new found industry, the closest which you possibly can expect.

However, there is a greater need for organizations to master the art and skills. As yes, those immature organizations which may not be having requisite skills initially may run the risk of losing the “new competitive market” which will be formed through these new technological inventions. Yes, I am talking about the need for staff and its organizations to polish their skills about the great degree usage of IOT technologies for creating an awesome way of ensuring a life without “issues”

So, what are the Top 10 Internet of Things Technologies which you encounter in 2017? Well, here’s the list.

IoT security

There is a whole set of challenges and risks associated with IoT devices especially when it comes to their operation, the platforms, they are using and also the systems, they are actually interconnected themselves with.

There are security issues and their needs to be a secure way of protecting these devices and platform from attacks, tempering or encryption. Things musts be seriously dealt even more especially in the wake of easy and “simple to use and operate” processors are being used by IOT devices against the tech laden fraudsters who may not find enough resistance to ensure the practical implementation of their heinous acts. So, People with experience in IOT devices needed for countering this seemingly endless and bigger challenge in the times to come. Yes, for the same purpose, you may require to constantly monitor the lurking threat to the hardware, software etc.

IoT Analytics

Thanks to the practical implementation of IOT devices, there will be even greater need to have new analytic approaches in terms of sophisticated tools etc for combating the effect of what we consider when deriving through the way of understanding behavior of customer, enhancing or improving products etc.

IoT Device Management

IoT devices is all about software. Right?

So you would be needing extreme and careful eyes which will introspect its reporting, updates, analysis, management and security. Well, IoT may demand experts and that too in sufficient strength who have to carefully deal with the issues as and when arising out.

Likewise, IoT technological inventions will also open lots of openings for deserving people who have the capabilities and skills to make it big in the industry.

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The balance of “balancing things when it comes to streamlining the network”

Yes, you would be streamlining the process where the basic and core ideology with which IOT devices work which is networking different IOT devices. Isn’t it?

Now, what if it invites conflicting nature arising out of bandwidth, range, operational cost etc. Since, with more advancement of technological inventions, there will even be short range networks which seems to overpower others, and thus conflicting nature may arise. So, there needs to be systematic approach where technical and commercial trade-offs mean that there are so many devices which are there in a co-existent manner.

Mismatch of traditional with respect to advanced cellular networks

Do you expect the traditional cellular networks to prove to be an “ideal” option for the IoT applications?

Well, I doubt, as they have range of advanced features and they need the things to unfold or accomplish their requirements likewise.

IoT Operating systems

Do you know that outdates systems won’t be of any match for the requirements of IoT applications? Yes, they won’t be and I am talking operating systems which we have been using traditionally. So, things like these need special adherence. I can continue to use adjective in honor of the awesome difference which Internet of Things technologies for 2017 is going to create in times to come.

Event Stream Processing

IoT applications as per their nature of methodology requires efficient mechanism to analyze the motion of high data. For ensuring an effective response towards this, DSCPs (Distributed Stream Computing Platforms) have hit the market.  Well, considering their capabilities of producing high rate data streams for performing tasks it promises to be quite a great option. Here, I am especially concerned about real-time analytics as well as pattern identification. Likewise, you would be experiencing an enlightening post which is full of updated information to help you on those specific grounds where you may want knowledge either for arming yourself and your company with necessary procedures or as a college student you have to prepare a thesis or for any purpose.


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IoT Platforms

IoT takes infrastructural developments to heights. Yes, through its device controls, device monitoring firmware updates transformation, development, application programming, adapters, visualization etc. Yes, these procedural facts certainly create a quick and awesome way of creating a wonderful, promising and optimistic scenario though. Let IOT makes its full force in the world, and you will see greater output, productivity, happiness, smiles, conducive nature, prosperity, good relations and a promising future.

IoT standards and Ecosystems

Do you know that as part of business strategy of IoT, there will be an increasing need of sharing data between devices and obviously, when it comes to different enterprises or organizations, then that has to be equally done as well. Yes, for the same, there is a need for ecosystems and standards which you can rightly term to be “not exact technologies”, yet they will be actually having an important role. Yes, they will be most importantly materializing programming interfaces for accomplishing the aforesaid mentioned tasks.

Well, if you ask me about future aspects, there will be various different ecosystems which are going to arrive. Interestingly, there will be internal battles for the prime aim of creating dominance over others when it comes to smart city, smart home, healthcare etc. Yes, this thing can be better addressed, if there are more of variants which can better be able to support so many other standards or I should say ecosystems as well. In this way, there can be potentially a great way of setting the standards which will create a healthy and promising future for sure.

IoT processors

IoT devices need “extreme level” of processors which are well versed with creating the level of security to top notch higher. Importantly, how well versed they are capable of operating the whole system and the associated requirements arising out there with. Therefore, it requires people with top notch skills to ensure that the Internet of Things devices are practically implemented. Yes, talking about 2017, it is actually quite a healthy beginning for IOT devices to better put into use of people where lives will become simpler, easy and ofcourse as quick and hassle free, as anything you can actually relate to.

Final thoughts

Finally, aforesaid are the top 10 Internet of Things Technologies for 2017. So, considering these magnificent pleasant differences every single organization is eyeing towards it promising benefits as well as productive nature which will simply double their prosperity manifolds in the times to come.

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